Useful Info:
Upload Instructions


FTP address:
Call your production manager to create your username and password.

Username: XXXXX (all lowercase)
Password: XXXXX (all lowercase)

FTP Security:
To safeguard our clients' files, we evaluate, monitor and update our equipment to ensure maximum data security. In addition to user ID and password access, files can be password protected and data encryted for further protection.
Backup and archived files are encrypted onto DVDs, stored off-site in a safe and retained for 18 months.

Note to our Clients:
Because of the large volume of files we handle, we ask that you notify your production manager, via email once your files have fully uploaded. Additionally, if you are uploading graphical files, please attach PDF of the corresponding artwork.

Naming conventions and compression recommendations:
We ask that you please keep file names as concise as possible and if at all able, refer to a quote or acknowledge number. To decrease the time needed to post new files to our FTP, please compress [or "zip"] your folders using a common compression software such as WinZIP [if working on a Windows platform] or StuffIt [if working on a Mac].
While it is not required that a dedicated FTP client be used when working a Windows-based platform, it is suggested. However, a FTP client is required when working with a Mac-based system.

We recommend using the following FTP clients:
Windows platform:
CuteFTP [shareware]
WinSCP [freeware]

Fetch [shareware]
Interarchy [shareware]
Transmit [shareware]
Cyberduck [freeware - open source]

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your account representative or your production manager.