Complete Direct Mail
Package Production

Service Graphics produces a complete range of direct mail products and services under the broad categories of Printing, personalization and mailing. We have developed close relationships with a core of manufacturers that each have expertise and state of the art equipment specifically focused on their respective product or service area. It is the compilation of these plants’ abilities under the single and coordinated control of Service Graphics that creates our “under one virtual roof” advantage.

The Benefits

We utilize equipment that perfectly matches the specifications, quantity, and schedule of your project; this results in extremely flexible scheduling and an efficient production process that is closely controlled and “SIMPLE” for you.

The strength of our plant relationships, the right equipment, the Service Graphics’ volume discounts, and a streamlined cost basis combine to result in very competitive and market proven pricing.

We’re hands-on and proactive from prepress to press O.K., bindery, delivery confirmation, and sample preparation. Be as involved as you choose or depend on us.

Our proprietary production software documents each stage of production from request for quotation through invoicing. It adds control, consistency, facilitates communication and keeps everyone on the right track. It’s a No- surprises process!

The system, a database, also provides a means to store your specific requests regarding how you like to do business as well as project-specific reminders for the next mailing.

On every project, you get the benefit of our collective experience as we consider ideas that will generate more efficient production and marketing impact.

The equipment is state of the art, but it’s the experience and care of the Service Graphics staff that makes the difference.

Call us to review your next project or schedule a plant tour. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.