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Interesting Facts

Require a Union Bug?

Certain clients require the display of a "Union Label", often referred to as a "Union Bug", on their printed pieces. The presence of a Union Bug on a printed piece signifies to the recipient that the manufacturer is staffed with union labor and supports the quality and labor relation standards of the union.

Use of the union bug dates back to 1893. The most common bug used today is the Allied Label which resulted from an agreement reached in 1911 by the five major unions that formed the International Allied Printing Trades Council and agreed upon a label design. The bug contains the local union number and location.

The history of Graphic Arts unions is filled with mergers and consolidations. In 2005 the Graphic Communications International Union and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters joined forces and in 2007 the GCIU represented more than 60,000 (only 8.7% of all graphic arts-related employment) union members.

Historically, unions were represented in a large percentage of printing facilities; today however, it can be difficult to identify a union shop for all printing and related projects. Service Graphics, within our core of closely represented manufacturing facilities, can supply the union label for a wide range of products.

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Below is an example of "Bug":